Cats & Native Animals

Cats & Native Animals

Each year, thousands of kittens are born wild and their food source is our precious native birds and animals

When the early buds of spring appear, so do the kittens. Look on any pound website and you’ll see scores of tiny pleading faces, all desperate for new homes that simply don’t exist.

Sometimes the  sheer number of kittens means pounds will kill them on an almost daily basis. No true cat lover would ever want this to happen to their pet cat’s kittens. Phone your vet today to arrange to have your male or female cat desexed.

Wild cats are decimating Australian wildlife and changing the bush forever. It is not enough to rail against the cats or punish them for natural behaviour, but concerted and ongoing desexing campaigns will give wildlife the best chance of surviving cat attacks.

In the interest of Australian wildlife and the felines themselves, mandatory desexing of all cats, other than those owned by registered breeders, should be made law. This would go some way to eliminating kitten deaths in pounds and should help to preserve our unique wildlife for future generations.