Desex Kittens

Desex Kittens

Cats – prolific breeders producing many litters each year

You can prevent your cat from producing unwanted kittens by desexing him or her:

FEMALE cats  are speyed – (Ovariohysterectomy)

  • Prevents oestrus and resulting blood stains around your home
  • Prevents dozens of unwanted and  un-homeable kittens.
  • Decreases the risk of developing mammary (breast) cancer later in life
  • Decreases the risk of uterine infections and cystic ovaries later in life.

MALE cats are castrated – (Castration)

  • Prevents spraying and marking
  • Prevents testicular cancers
  • Decreases risk of prostate and peri-anal cancers later in life.
  • Decreases roaming and increases contentment with indoor life
  • Decreases aggression and the risk of cat fights
  • Decreases the risk of contracting FIV (cat AIDS)

Desexing your cat prevents overpopulation and removes the risk of reproductive diseases

A day-surgery procedure, your cat or kitten should be ready to go home later in the day once speyed or castrated.  While all anaesthetics and surgery carry some risk, most desexing operations are uncomplicated and safe.

This is general information only, always obtain professional advice from your own veterinarian. See Legal Disclaimer.