Dog Desexing

Desexing Dogs


Dog desexing takes place in the sterile environment of veterinary hospitals and requires the care and skill of a qualified vet. The dog receives a general anesthetic before the surgical procedure of desexing occurs. Most return home on the same day as the surgery is performed. Pre-anesthetic check up: Prior to general anesthesia, the vet will check your dog’s heart ... Read More »

Desex Puppies

A desex-puppies

Desexing puppies at an the appropriate age is important Some vets recommend that puppy is desexed around five months, prior to reaching adulthood and if female, before coming into season the first time. Others recommend the age of twelve weeks at the time of the pup’s last C3 vaccination. But other situations will not allow for this to happen. Rescue ... Read More »

Desexing Male Dogs


Desexing male dogs before the age of six months helps to prevent cancer of the reproductive organs An undesexed male dog is programmed to seek out bitches in season. Your seemingly content dog may suddenly make a concerted effort to escape his comfortable and safe home to seek a mate, as a female’s pheromones are detectable streets away. Many of ... Read More »

Desexing Female Dogs


Desexing females before the age of six months helps prevent cancer of the reproductive organs Once the cute female puppy you brought home reaches adulthood, her cycles start and she comes into season at about age six month and can mate about twice a year. During each season, vaginal bleeding may last up to three weeks and you will be ... Read More »