Desex Puppies

Desexing puppies at an the appropriate age is important

Some vets recommend that puppy is desexed around five months, prior to reaching adulthood and if female, before coming into season the first time. Others recommend the age of twelve weeks at the time of the pup’s last C3 vaccination.

But other situations will not allow for this to happen. Rescue shelters and other animals welfare organisations  pick up the pieces of irresponsible pet owners, backyard breeders and puppy farmers and need to rehome their pups as soon as possible to make room for even more unwanted puppies.

Early-age desexing or EAD – Animal welfare groups may desex puppies from eight weeks of age to prevent even more unwanted litters.

  • All anesthetics and operations contain risks, although with modern anesthetics, pre-blood testing and monitoring equipment, the risk of a complication is relatively low.
  • Desexing is a day surgery procedure with the pups being available for collection from the surgery that afternoon.
  • Ask the veterinarian about the post-operative care of your puppy.

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