Desexing Female Dogs

Desexing Female Dogs

Desexing females before the age of six months helps prevent cancer of the reproductive organs

Once the cute female puppy you brought home reaches adulthood, her cycles start and she comes into season at about age six month and can mate about twice a year.

  • During each season, vaginal bleeding may last up to three weeks and you will be faced with hygiene issues if she is an indoor dog. Confining a dog to a small room or keeping an indoor dog outside for this period will also be stressful for you and very confusing for the dog.
  • The behavior of the female also changes during this time as she programmed to find a mate. You may also find many undesexed male dogs calling and attempting to jump the fence or dig under it. They often succeed.
  • You will then be left with the job of seeking veterinary care for the pregnant female and then trying to find homes for between six to eight puppies, once they have reached the minimum rehomable age of eight weeks.
  • It is also your responsibility to have all these pups desexed and vaccinated prior to rehoming. You will also have the hassle of advertising, answering the phone and weeding out unsuitable people.
  • Not all of your puppies may find home immediately or ever. What will you do when you have three extra adult dogs in your home, all requiring food and veterinary care?
Desexing females prevents unwanted litters and diseases of the reproductive organs
  • Eliminates the risk of uterine and ovarian cancer and should prevent mammary cancer if the operation is performed before she first comes into season.
  • Removes the risk of uterine infection (Pyometra) which is life threatening and expensive to treat. A desexed female has the opportunity of living a very full, healthy life, free from serious reproductive diseases.
  • Desexing does not interfere with the character of your dog and sensible feeding will prevent weight gain. Councils offer cheap rates for desexed dogs.

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Don’t fall into the trap of humanizing your dogs by thinking they will miss reproducing. Companion dogs bond with people; you are their family!

The Myth ‘I can’t desex my bitch until she’s had her first litter, otherwise she won’t feel complete.’
The Reality It is interesting to note that myth stops at this point. It doesn’t seem to take into consideration how the bitch might feel when her puppies have been killed because there were no homes for them. This is the reality of allowing your female dog to reproduce without thought for the welfare of her puppies. If we can overcome this myth, dog pounds across Australia might contain only lost dogs, rather than unwanted ones.