Desexing Male Dogs

Desexing Male Dogs

Desexing male dogs before the age of six months helps to prevent cancer of the reproductive organs

An undesexed male dog is programmed to seek out bitches in season. Your seemingly content dog may suddenly make a concerted effort to escape his comfortable and safe home to seek a mate, as a female’s pheromones are detectable streets away.

  • Many of the dogs collected by council rangers are undesexed males on the trail of a bitch in season. The dangers of a dog weaving in and out amongst the traffic are obvious and accidents can result in death and injury to the dog or the driver.
  • Leg humping dog is not a party trick, but an annoying and antisocial event. That along with the aggression that may be displayed by the undesexed male makes for an uncomfortable and sometimes frightening experience for those at the receiving end.

The early desexing of a male dog can prevents reproductive diseases such as testicular and prostate cancers, prostate enlargement, hormone-related tumors and infections.

Desexed males also get to enjoy a less demanding lifestyle. He will be more content just to stay home and interact peacefully with other household members.

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